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1, Nov 2022
Woodlands putting greens provide best services to their clients in Houston

Magnolia turf grass requires less maintenance than genuine grass does, without sacrificing the lush appearance or the soft surface that grass provides. Before securing the grass, add a layer of crushed granite, tamp it down, and make sure the ground is sufficiently levelled and prepared. This tightly packed layer helps to secure the synthetic turf and holds the fasteners for the landscaping. After installation, sand can be used to evenly anchor the turf.

Tomball artificial grass should be spread out in regions where you have placed crushed granite. In order to see your line, keep it straight, and avoid getting the knife entangled in the grass blades, use a utility knife to cut the strip to size along the back of the fake grass. Pull the strip firmly up to the edges to avoid creases in the fake lawn. Drive large, about 6-inch-long galvanised landscaping staples into the ground and into the lawn strip’s edges using a rubber mallet. Drive them as far as you can to keep them from sticking above the grass blades.

After lifting the seam edges, place the landscape tape on the ground. The ends are fastened using landscape staples. Apply landscape glue over the tape using a large putty knife. The seam edges should be brought together and pressed firmly on the landscape tape. Push the edges of the artificial grass strips close to one another to stretch them and remove any wrinkles.

Drive landscape staples in the grass along the seams, straddling them so that one leg of the staple goes through one strip of lawn and the other leg goes through the other strip of lawn. Fasten the edges of the strips at the ends of the seams after stapling the seams every 6 inches. Remove any additional turf that is present around the edges with a utility knife.

Spread some silica sand evenly across the lawn with a shovel. Work the sand into the grass with a push broom with large bristles; it will settle between the blades and stick to the ground. To keep the turf evenly rooted, apply extra sand at least once a year. Woodlands putting greens provide best services to their clients at the best price!





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