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8, Nov 2022
Woodlands Green turf provide turf installation as well as supervision of experts

GREEN TURF is basically an artificial grass used as a replacement for natural grass. It generally covers two parts , that is

The Surface ,which is made up of synthetic fibres , and
The Base , which is of granulated rubber.
They are identical to the original natural grass. Artificial grass are used just to complete the emptiness of natural grass as it gives realistic look.


GREEN TURF are mostly found is sports arenas which gives a realistic sportive look to the ground.
They are very common to your roof top balconies , gardens etc. As it gives fresh look to your house and additional grace to your home decor list.
They are also spotted in cafes , lounge for decorative purposes
Magnolia Turf Grass

Magnolia is a plant which is well known for its diverse purposes.

It is best in fertile and has a boon of being evergreen with perfectly aligned leaves. They have variety of species and can be deciduous.

Inspired from the features of Magnolia , Woodlands green turf provides you artificial turf consisting of Magnolia qualities which will give you all the vibes of Magnolia Turf grass.

Woodlands turf provides premium turf with high quality material . They are non toxic , pet friendly and environmental friendly .

They are re-washable and can be used indoors as well as outdoors for diverse purposes.

Woodlands turf provide turf installation as well under the supervision of experts.

Green turf provides proper finished look for your house balconies and places where you want them to get installed.

They are the must for you if your planning to decor your house . These Artificial turf will add a fresh look to your house .

In sports arena as well they will provide a proper grip to the players . The soft fibre of Green turf will even prevent players from developing bacteria of after injuries .

The granulated rubber used as base provide proper support to the turf . They are of highest quality material Fibre and are evergreen which will provide the perfect realistic look . https://woodlandsgreenturf.com/




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