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7, Nov 2022
More Hotels are switching to artificial grass from real grass in favor of sustainability

Global climate change is upping the stakes for water suppliers. The greatest river in Italy experienced its lowest water levels in 70 years in July, prompting the country to declare an emergency. The worst drought to hit the US Southwest in almost a century is currently there. Droughts may affect three-quarters of the world’s population during the next 30 years. Although artificial turf has its own set of environmental issues, fake grass in Houston is becoming more and more popular as an alternative to real green yards that use up precious water.

Sprinklers would produce enormous pools of water, forcing groundskeepers to rush to keep the area appealing and secure for visitors. Water conservation is essential this year due to severe and devastating droughts that have affected many parts of southern California and other places. This is especially true in areas where water use is constrained.

The chief gardener at Encore Boston Harbor, Farrah Murphy, says that by employing artificial turf rather than grass, which requires more labor-intensive upkeep, the hotel saves thousands of hours every year. If the South Lawn of the property were made of conventional grass, it would take up to three gardeners a whole day to maintain the nearly 35,000-square-foot area. One gardener just needs to spend an hour a day blowing leaves, checking for divots, or otherwise maintaining the space by using a synthetic product.

Murphy continued, using the Wynn Las Vegas as an example, saying that staff could then devote more time to caring for the flowers and plants both outside and within the resort. Artificial grass installation has also allowed Encore to accommodate pets and broaden the scope of its programming.

It is thought that technological developments make such surfaces more desirable to hotels by bringing down their average temperature. The Worthington Renaissance Hotel in Fort Worth, had transformed a rooftop area into a theatre using artificial turf. In order to guarantee that visitors to New York can view a lovely garden from their windows throughout the year, regardless of the season, artificial grass is installed.

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