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11, Feb 2023
Learn about various kinds of DTC equipment and their uses

It is extremely important to have access control equipment as securing part of a building. Doesn’t matter what version of a technical machine you have like a video entry phone or digital keypad that unlocks a door, office, and even private residential accommodation, you need access control equipment to realize several benefits from it. Today’s post will describe various kinds of access equipment available on the market to see how they perform and where they can be utilized.

The videophone is a widely utilized piece of access control equipment. Its performance is surely beneficial as you can see exactly who is standing on your front doorstep before opening the door. Outer area’s people especially can take benefit of such device. These devices have various general electric control card versions such as IS200VTURH1B as well as so many testifying and repairing companies also available for GE MK II, GE MK III, GE MK V, LCI panels, Bently Nevada, Foxboro, Woodward, and other Electronics device. They are available in different colours pictures and are most popular in black and white shades. You may also buy straightforward audio entry phones and these will perform well, but you cannot see the person there nor view identification because there is only audio available.

A further version of access control that is widely utilized in the workplace or retail shops is proximity card readers. Such devices will always alert your staff or personnel through a particular door. Access Control System (ACS) is specially designed to restrict access to a specific area or room to a person or persons. ACS has multiple elements or parts such as reader, electric lock, emergency exit device, uninterruptible power supply, and controller board).

The function of electric lock available with general electric DS200SDCCG4A CONTROL CARD new and original package and its difference is in the lock control mechanism. Similarly, a traditional lock uses a key to open the lock, and an electric lock uses electric current.

Controller board DS200SDCCG5A is a vital component of an ACS because it stores all the logic and user databases. Once it receives the identity of the user from the reader, the controller will analyse the privilege of the user in its access control database and then it will take the next step like opening, or closing the electric lock.




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