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6, Dec 2022
Installing the Base for Artificial Grass, a Guide for Artificial Grass Installation

The basis for Fake grass in Houston isn’t necessarily gravels or soil. In most places, soil expands and shrinks in response to temperature and climate. If the sub-base material for your Synthetic turf in Houston is not laid correctly, your turf may develop creases and gaps. Your grass might develop dips from uneven surfaces, which can be dangerous.

Before lying the foundation material for artificial turf on soil or other surfaces, prepare the ground as follows:

Inspect for underground for underground risks
Your preferred installation site may have underground electric and water pipelines. If you no longer require sprinklers, cover them at the pipe level or take them out. Add the necessary drainage pipes for quick water removal. To prevent uneven surfaces, mark the position of unused sprinklers.

Eliminate weeds
Use a non-toxic weed killer you are confident in to spray the area. Do this at least two weeks before the installation date that you want. Weed eaters require a lot of time to work. To ensure that your fake grass in Houston will be devoid of any signs of life, completely cover the area with weed killers.

Remove your soil’s top layer
Dig the top layer down three to four inches to make place for your new base. Then, to compact loose dirt, either walk over the area or use a hand tamp.

Drainage planning
You won’t have many issues if you lay Houston fake grass on well-draining soil. This is due to how well artificial grass drains. Install a reliable drainage system if you’re on top of poorly draining soil.

Insert a bender board
Using a bender board, sketch out the perimeter so you have a clear boundary to distinguish your grass area from the other parts of your lawn. To prevent your turf from creeping outside of its allocated area, fence it.

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