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15, Jan 2023
In 2022, housing selling prices in Mexico City will increase by 10%

According to the firm’s real estate expert Leonardo González, 2022 will be distinguished by uncertainty owing to high interest rates, which will result in hefty mortgage expenses.

The average price per square meter in the capital for purchasers was 31,914 pesos (US $1,652) for a home and 46,033 pesos (US $2,383) for apartments — a price increase predicted by Propiedades.com but halted property purchases by Mexico City residents.

Merida Living provides you best Houses for sale in Mexico. During 2022, the neighborhoods with the highest demand were Roma Norte and Roma Sur, both of which have gained notoriety in Mexico and the international media as places where older properties are being purchased by developers with deep pockets to convert into rental property for digital nomads and other foreign temporary renters.

South of Mexico City, the neighborhoods of San Jerónimo, Pedregal, Ajusco, and Tlalpan are seeing significant expansion and consolidation. González noted that this is a natural aspect of the real estate cycle, which is fueled by new developments and growing demand. Merida Living provides Cheap houses for sale in Mexico.

Although Mexico City is an appealing location to live, González remarked that it confronts a constant challenge: meeting the demands of its people who are searching for housing choices in other cities surrounding the capital, such as Querétaro, Puebla, and Toluca. Get Homes for sale in Mexico on the beach with Merida Living.

More than 1 million homes in the country’s center and near Mexico Capital are now listed on Propiedades.com, indicating a consistent trend of individuals wishing to migrate out of the city.

In reaction to the pandemic, the home office tendency prompted shrinkage in business corridors such as Polanco, a traditionally desirable district. The number of persons seeking for residential spaces in the area has decreased since they no longer need to live near to their employment.


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