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6, Dec 2022
How Does Synthetic Grass Maintain Its Position?

This will give you a better understanding of the techniques used by installers to keep manufactured lawns in place if you are thinking about Artificial grass installation but are curious as to what keeps down fake grass.

Spots where several sections of grass meet must be seamed after your turf has been precisely measured, cut, laid out, and trimmed to match your lawn space. Your installer will start by fastening the seams before moving on to fixing the border of your Artificial turf, which is often done by using nails (also known as lawn spikes) to hold your grass firmly in place.

It should be noted that artificial grass is often glued in place when it is laid on top of concrete, asphalt, or other hardscapes. Your installer will add the infill to your lawn after it has been fastened with a mix of seam take, adhesive, and nails if the artificial grass you choose demands them. If you are doing your own grass installation, you may distribute the infill with a seed spreader.

One of the many uses for infill is to support artificial turf by adding weight on top of the backing layer. If you select a fake grass product without infill, you will not benefit from the weight that the infill contributes to keep your artificial grass in place.

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