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17, Jan 2023
How does face recognition work?

A face analyzer is software that uses a person’s face to identify or validate their identification. It recognizes and measures face traits in images. Facial recognition can recognize human faces in photographs or videos, establish whether the face in two images belongs to the same person, or search for a face in a big collection of existing images.

Facial recognition system is used in biometric security systems to uniquely identify persons during user onboarding or logins, as well as to strengthen user authentication activities. Face analyzer technology is also extensively used for device security in mobile and personal devices. Graymatics provides you best AI based video analytics systems for your business. You can contact us on our website or through our mail.

What are the advantages of facial recognition software?

The following are some of the advantages of facial recognition systems:

Effective security

Facial recognition is a fast and accurate verification system. It is quicker and more convenient than other biometric technologies such as fingerprint scanning or retina scans. Facial recognition also has fewer touchpoints than typing passwords or PINs. It enables multifactor authentication for further security assurance.

Increased precision

Facial recognition is a more accurate technique to identify people than a phone number, email address, mailing address, or IP address. Most exchange services, from stocks to cryptocurrencies, for example, now rely on face recognition to secure users and their assets.

Integration is simpler.

Most security software is compatible with and quickly integrates with face recognition technologies. Smartphones with front-facing cameras, for example, have functionality for face recognition algorithms or software code. Are you finding AI Powered Video Analytics as a Service? Then Graymatics is the best choice for you! We provide you best quality services in the industry.




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