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26, Nov 2022
Graymatics specialists in digital video analysis and boast clients across major infrastructure

Video analytics delivers the power of intelligence or info from the video imaginary to CCTV systems so that useful and accurate information can be obtained.

Software developed by technology that provides information by video imagery is called intelligent video analytics, In short, the transformation of video into data. Be it the 1960s or today, the underlying technology, also called computer vision, works with artificial intelligence research.

Those who are aware of its prowess are enjoying countless benefits but those who are unaware of this amazing video vision even in today’s growing technology and popularity they are missing out on a lot. This article describes some facts and myths that will help in reducing the challenges and barriers of video analytics solutions.

AI will replace old jobs, providing great opportunities for new jobs. The report of WEF (the World Economic Forum) showed that by the beginning of 2025, new job opportunities will be available in industries and people will divide between humans and machines which will greatly reduce the job requirement, especially in data entry clerks.

There are no changes in AI fake Video Artificial Intelligence. Most people misunderstand that AI is sensitive. But the truth is it is programmed in such a way that it can perform different actions and objectives depending on the action for which it was programmed.

The limit of any program is kept unlimited by the algorithm that AI learns inside itself because a person comes with a limit to install programs in AI.

The functionality of AI can be smart because it is programmed by a human. You cannot depend on AI as it will need to be created, improved, updated, and reprogrammed, under certain conditions. AI is indeed faster than humans in terms of action, but it does not mean that every decision taken by it will prove to be correct.

According to an article in Forbes, more than 90% of firms are hiring AI to see their customers revolutionize, while simultaneously using it to interact with customers and give them a better service experience. AI may be proving effective for your business but you are unaware of this.

With this growing technological revolution, organizations are increasingly using AI to double their security systems. Features such as AI’s programmed security cameras p Ganz AI Box or a cloud-based AI solution like GanzCloud can be used to trace a lost person by Face recognition or his location.

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