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1, Nov 2022
Get in touch with Woodlands Artificial Grass and get affordable services

The least amount of upkeep is required for artificial grass, which is its best feature. It can sustain constant use and foot traffic. As a result, you may use your lawn whenever you want, even in the winter, without worrying about the grass being muddy. Do you want to learn how to lay Magnolia turf grass then? For more information, see this article!

Step 1: Plan and clear the area

Plan the project’s coverage area before you begin. Make sure that water and cable pipes are buried deeper than the digging depth. Using a lawn cutter or spade, remove the turf to a depth of 2′′ and any substantial stones, bricks, or other impediments. Build a base of type 1 stones. Woodlands turf offers best quality services to its clients!

Step Two: Creating An Edge

Install an edging system if there are no boundaries for the product to bump up against. Everedge, which we provide from our headquarters, is recommended. With a hammer and piece of wood, drive the edging into the ground, leaving about 3 cm exposed.

Step 3: Lay the base

Put 6mm of granite dust on the surface. To create a smooth surface, drag sand or dust across the application area with a piece of wood. The depth when utilising sand shouldn’t be greater than 20mm. Before using sand, use hardcore to smooth off major flaws (above 20mm). Woodlands Artificial Grass uses best quality material to lay the base.

Step 4: Apply weed membrane

Apply weed membrane to the area once the base has been compacted, and fasten it in place with 4′′ galvanised steel nails every 0.75m all the way around. This will allow water to drain while preventing weed development. Any extra membrane at the edges should be cut off. If any joining is required, overlap the edges and use gaffer tape to secure them.

Step 5: Install the fake grass and trim the edges

With caution so as not to disturb the weed membrane, spread out the artificial turf across the area. The best view from the house’s windows will be provided by the pile’s direction being toward the house. After positioning, cut off any extra artificial grass. Everedge provides you with a useful edge for your knife. To keep the blade sufficiently sharp, we advise switching out the blades every 3-5 meters.





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