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28, Oct 2022
DS200DCFBG1B Power control system DTC

Once installed DS200DCFBG1B Power control system, a supply board, can provide both control level power and enclose fan power to the drive. Many professionals use this supply board to fix the electrical circuits. Such supply board or terminal is really sensitive to vibration that can make a reason to loosening of the screws over time, leading to an exposed loop that is crucial to troubleshooting as the vision of a joint terminal.

Blown fuses & tripped breakers

Breaker trip and blown fuse have happened when main supply overload that depends on how an electric circuit is protected. Sometimes you need to check for blown fuses or tripped breakers when the situation of the power system is not well. When the critical situation comes the circuits are separated so the power control system is working in an ordinary manner but the part of the system process doesn’t work.

Tripped overloads on power circuits

Most of the motor is set to the full current load of the device by providing a moderately high load by the starter. The main function of DS200LDCCH1A drive control is to operate interface, Lan communications, drive and Motor processing and Drive resets. And the other processor on the board is a Motor Control Processor (MCP), and CO- Motor process (CMP).

In the case of power load on the device that is extreme or the windings of the motor are short, then the current would exceed the device’s rated complete load amps making a trip. In other circumstances, the load of the device is wired by using the neutral. When resolving a machine issue from the neutral on the contractor and not the ground. Resolve the problem and utilize the overload reset button to reset the device.

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