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8, Feb 2023
Does Your Home Renovation Pay Off?

According to the 2019 Remodeling Impact Report, American homeowners spend more than $400 billion annually on repairs and improvements. Tomar Homes Remodeling will help to remodel your dream house!

The Kitchen

A modest kitchen remodeling will be more cost-effective than a luxurious one. Your choice of materials has a significant impact on how much your home is worth and how attractive it is. The most popular update for a kitchen makeover is new countertops. Ceramic and porcelain tile are favored over glass, stone, and quartz for backsplashes. And if you’re thinking about replacing the flooring, pick hardwood. Compared to tile or synthetic wood, it is far more common. Luxury moments will be added to your place by Tomar Homes Construction.

The bathroom

Think about installing a conventional shower in place of the tub. Hold on. You don’t want your investment to lose money. High-end projects are more likely to include large bathroom renovations like worktops and cabinetry as well as labor-intensive additions like tilework.

Green grass

Even when it comes to housing, first impressions are important. The cost of external improvement projects might truly vary greatly. The following common improvements are worthwhile: pruning bushes, replacing the front entrance or garage door, adding green turf, and landscaping.

Home repairs

The greatest way to maintain the condition of your home while minimizing expenses is to make repairs at home. Avoiding house repairs can save a lot of issues. Additionally, it can clog your sewer lines and turn your basement into a swimming pool. The worst thing is the spread of illnesses. Tomar Homes Remodeling will provide you affordable and ever lasting solutions!


The choice of flooring will be one of the most important ones you make when it comes time to refurbish your house. Using the same flooring throughout the whole home, or at least in the common spaces, is a popular design trend. As a result, the spaces appear larger and more cohesive. Tomar Homes Construction is the best Home renovation company Houston that will provide you affordable flooring solutions!

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