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11, Feb 2023
Discuss about IS215UCVEH2A controller board DTC

In the technological industry, the IS215UCVEH2A is available in numerous features such as VME controller, UCVEH2, and UCVEM01. UCVEH2 is most usable controller care as it is well known as standard control in technological world. It includes single-slot board that is utilizing a 300 MHz Intel Celeron process with 16MB of flash memory and 32 MB of DRAM. VME control card’s single 10Base T/ 100Base TX (RJ-45) Ethernet port will allows secure connectivity to the numerous control devices and toolbox.

Now, let’s discuss about IS215UCVEH2A controller board features or brand that you should buy for:

Brand new in market

On the basis of clients’ request, companies offer a complete functional demo on such units free of cost.
Brand new products are genuine OEM units.
Products generally available with 2 year warranty.
Verified by quality control, as well as sourced by OEM or independent third party networks.
Authorized & certified New

Products are sourced by Genuine OEM units and third party channels
Such OEM unites go quality inspection function that includes a complete program verification test and justifies the result to compare the designer specifications.
Available with 2 year warranty.

IS215UCVEH2A controller board are utilized genuine OEM parts
Units generally undergo companies’ quality inspection function that includes the full overhaul along with calibration of the unit to match the manufacture specifications.
Complete functional testing, cosmetic repair, components replacement, revision upgrades and other features are involves overhauling that comes with 2 year warranty.
Using the product

Products are completely genuine OEM items
Power supply/ Mark VI/ with 335V- IS2020RKPSG3A Power supply is available in stock that ship the same day.
Surplus or decommissioned control panels are available to remove products, and verified by certified electronic company quality control.
Comes with 30 days warranty and also unites are power on tested.
Repairing services

There are many electronic labs that are capable of testing and repairing any type of Industrial electronic circuit boards.
Lab has great equipment with OEM control panels to test of the subject boards.
Companies only utilize OEM recommended or industrial standards functions for replacement.
Fast turnaround services are available depend upon your request.
Website:- https://directturbinecontrols.com/




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