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24, Nov 2022
Digital Ecosystem Integration by RWS Tridion connectors and accelerators

As we look upon the modern world , it is all that comprises about digital hub , online content creation , digital ecosystem and many other .

Today’s modern Era revolve around digitalization. . Every thing , be it audio , video , text , graphics , blogs or else ; could be easily found online on any global platform which made work easier for users . They can take actions , make decisions accordingly . Online content are much more diverse than blogs . They have a huge variety of content available at online platforms .

Talking about online content , let discuss about further term which are necessary to know .

Initially we would discuss about Digital Ecosystem Integration

Digital Ecosystem is basically a network that connects suppliers , customers, traders and all other third parties together at a place . It is a platform that connects everyone and everything together . People can interact , do multiple activities which will create a value . Suppliers , stakeholders , customers and all other third parties will together comprise of digital ecosystem .

Let’s move on to the other term DITA CCMS

CCMS stands for component content management software and DITA stands for Darwin Information Type Architecture . It make your work easier and saves time as well . Have you ever faced problem in searching a particular word in a large pdf ? DITA CCMS is a solution to it . DITA will help you to find a particular word just by typing a single word . This time saving for users as well and proved to be very beneficial .

The next term to encounter is Content Management

Content Management is basically a process or technology which stores , collects , manages every information in any form or in any medium . If your storing it via computer . It even helps non technical people to publish their content . It is basically an end to end process of managing , storing and creating online digital contents . It’s basically quality is to manage content perfectly.
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