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26, Nov 2022
CCTV based Video Analytics Solution Service by Graymatics

One of the ways that you can enhance your security is by installing video surveillance equipment. The reason behind this shift is the increasing importance of security in the workplace. This technology uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to analyse images from security cameras in real time.

Video analytics is a relatively new technology that has been used primarily to prevent and detect crime. The software can be installed on any CCTV camera and can be paired with an alarm system so you will know when something fishy is going on. This article describes certain reasons that will help in reducing the challenges and barriers of video analytics solutions. Let’s explore it:

Offers real-time alerts

The biggest benefit of CCTV-based video analytics is that it can detect immediately if something goes wrong in your premises and it can then notify you about it instantly. This ensures that you get to know about any incident as soon as possible and you can then take action accordingly.

Enhanced security level

By recording everything that happens in the locations where they are installed, CCTV cameras can act as deterrents against crime. The video server collects the image frames from all cameras and stores them in a database.

In case a crime takes place, these cameras can help law enforcement agencies apprehend criminals and solve crimes faster.

Remote monitoring

Remote monitoring ensures a better level of security. This is because it allows you to monitor different locations simultaneously. If a problem arises in any one of these locations, then you can immediately take appropriate action to resolve it. As a result, productivity levels increase and your business grows.

Results in fewer false alarms

The problem with these pre-programmed systems is that they can result in a lot of false alarms, which not only wastes time but also creates a lot of confusion in the organization. With CCTV-based Video Artificial Intelligence, such false alarms are greatly reduced.

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