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11, Feb 2023
All the good reasons to choose DTC for your control system repairs

We are a competency center for gas turbines and control issues. We specialize in GE Speedtronic turbine controls for gas turbines, steam turbines, and drive controls, including unused, rebuilt, test & repaired. GE Speedtronics is designed as a complete integrated control, protection, and monitoring system for gas turbines, steam generators, and mechanical drive applications. In addition, we offer a complete range of new, unused, remanufactured GE speedtronic cards for the mark.

Turbine Control Solutions is the industry leader in obtaining, testing, and supplying replacement parts. Our range of products is fully engineered and field-proven to improve unit operation, streamline maintenance, and increase operator performance. Our integrated turbine-compressor and motor-compressor control systems maximize availability and performance upstream, midstream, and downstream. Our control sensors are engineered exclusively for the wind energy industry. We focus on bringing our engineering expertise directly to the customer through a direct channel to our technical team.

We provide turbomachinery control solutions, including turnkey compressor anti-surge and gas/steam turbine control systems. We design its steam turbine control products to be easily integrated, simplifying system design and assuring quality. Our focus is on supplying quality and control for steam turbines and compressors. In addition, we provide bespoke control solutions for all light industrial and aero-derivative gas turbine packages and engines.

GE EX 2000 system is a software-enabled generator control system applicable for steam, gas, and hydro generators. It is a small, pocket-size personal gas detector for monitoring flammable gases. In addition, it is a primer-less adhesion sealant designed for weather sealing applications. You always get the best range of parts at an affordable cost from us. To know more about us, you can visit our website.





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